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Define your brands’ goals

A strong social media marketing strategy is nothing without a set of clearly defined goals. We will work with you to understand your overall business objectives and ensure your social media marketing strategy is tailored to help you meet your brands’ goals through social media. Is your overall business goal to generate more sales leads? Sell more of a specific product? Generate brand awareness? By sharing your brands’ goals with us, we’ll be able to set out social marketing objectives.

Set social marketing objectives

To help you reach your brands’ goals, we will apply a set of social media marketing objectives. We follow the simple SMART rule, ensuring the objectives are: specific in nature, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. Looking to sell more products via Facebook? No problem, we’ll ensure our advertising objectives are optimised to help you get there.

Identify your target market

Knowing your target market plays a crucial role to ensure we are targeting the right people, with the right content and the right time. By targeting your ideal consumer profile, we can increase engagement rates amongst your followers and most importantly continue to grow your audience, allowing you to tap into new and unexplored markets. In the world of social media marketing, a spot on consumer profile = more conversions and cheaper ad rates.

Scope out your competitors

At FWRD we continuously scope out our clients competitors analyse their activity to answer the following questions: what are they doing? what did they do best? what can we learn? Keeping a close eye on your competitors means we can always be a step ahead of the game, which means your brand will always be front of mind, right where it should be.

Determine the best platforms for your brand

Not all brands are built equal. Before we start any social media marketing activity for your brand we identify the best performing social platforms for your category. This means that we can invest our time and energy on the social media channels that are going to deliver the best return for your brand. A brand that excels on Facebook might not do so well on Instagram and Twitter, or a brand on Pinterest might not perform on Twitter, some brands perform well on all platforms — this is largely determine on where your audience is most active.

Craft a content plan

Plan should be our middle name – FWRD ‘Plan’ Agency, err, maybe not. Developing a content plan is an extremely important aspect of executing a well thought out social media marketing strategy. Our content plans include a variety of parameters such as post frequency, timing and budgets along with content pillars to identify how we are meeting your brands’ social media marketing objectives.

Ascertain advertising budgets

Over 45% of social media users click on advertising displayed on social networks, with 43% ‘liking’ sponsored posts presented by brands.

Promoting content through Facebook helps achieve desirable reach outcomes and investment rates stack up incredibly positive against traditional and other digital mediums.

FWRD Agency will make recommendations, based on strategic outputs from planning, and content calendars, to help you navigate this space and achieve optimised outcomes.


As a boutique social media agency, we consider ourselves an extension to your existing marketing team to ensure your social media activity will always be driven by strong, objective-led strategies to deliver exceptional results.

When you look at social feeds at a glance, some sure are beautiful and no doubt attracts passers by, but are they there for the long haul?

At FWRD Agency, we ensure a strong social media strategy is constantly front of mind, no matter the objective. Are your posts working hard to drive traffic your website? Do they contain strong call-to-actions? Do they provoke emotion? These are only just some of the questions we ask ourselves with every single piece of content we publish for your brand.

Ready to talk strategy? We’ll show you how.