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If you haven’t already converted to the Pixel side, here are the top four reasons every brand on Facebook needs to install a Facebook pixel—no exceptions!

1. Find out how your website is working

Similar to Google Analytics a Facebook pixel can help you understand how your website is performing by allowing you to track actions taken across the site. Have you seen a large number of people adding something to their cart and initiating the payment process and then dropping off before they complete the purchase? This could be an indication there is a problem in the backend of your website or that the customer experience could be improved. By tracking these actions with a pixel you can better understand and optimise your website to suit your visitors.

2. Remarketing 

You can use the information stored in your pixel to remarket back to people that have come to your website. Do you have a high number of people clicking through to your site, but a low conversion rate? Why not get back in front of those people on Facebook and offer them an incentive to come back to your site and complete the call to action?

3. Lookalike Audiences

Another benefit of using a Facebook pixel is a feature known as a ‘lookalike audience’. Facebook can analyse the points of likeness between the people that have visited your website and create an entirely new audience of unique users that, based on their shared similarities, Facebook believe will be interested in your product or service.

4. Attributing ROI

This is arguably one of the most important advantages of using a pixel. Because Facebook pixels are able to track a user’s journey across a site—right down to whether they make a purchase or fill out an inquiry form—this means you are able to track the exact number of purchases, leads or actions that have been made as a direct result of an ad.

By being able to clearly establish the ROI of each campaign this allows you to not only understand the profitability of your Facebook marketing but also to be able to forecast the budget you’ll need to spend on Facebook to achieve your goals—now that’s making your marketing dollars work for you!